Christian Social Ministries

Our desire at the CSM is for every church in the Ogeechee River Baptist Association to get caught up in the wave of God’s movement at our CSM Thrift Store, Food Pantry and Utilities Assistance ministry.  If we have not been to your church to bring our presentation of “Catching the Wave,” please ask your pastor to invite us to come and share what a GREAT mission work our God is doing right here in our community through the CSM.  We will share through power point and have a biblical description of our ministry.  If you are not power point equipped, we have the means to provide this as well.  PLEASE join us in our excitement and catch the wave of God’s movement.  It doesn’t get any better than being part of what God is doing!

Contact John Long, CSM Director, at 912-512-0107, or email him at .

Our new thrift store is now opened at #10 College Plaza, Statesboro (behind Zaxby’s and Wendy’s).  We hope you will visit us soon!

We have opened a Christmas Store at 31 N Zetterower Ave.  Christmas is close; come in and buy for less.

God bless you from all of us at the Christian Social Ministries.


Annual Report 2017

This last year has been “excitingly exhausting” and at the same time “bountifully blessed.”  How is that for an all-round description?

We learn more every day to trust in the Lord and His provisions, as the challenges arise, His greatness is manifested in day-in day-out progress of the Christian Social Ministry. It has been said that “growth is painful.” I for one would agree, but, at the same time to see the needs being met, lives changed, and most of all, Jesus being glorified through our efforts, we can honestly rejoice in knowing that painful progress is building the Kingdom of God.

We look forward to the food pantry annex being complete and in operation. This will allow more square footage for the thrift store (desperately needed). As well as increase our ability to serve our community more efficiently and provide much needed parking.  The next step will be to complete the office/waiting room area. Work, work, work.  Yes, you are more than welcome to come and help.

The food pantry is now, on average, assisting 80 families per week on Monday distribution, also, many emergency food assistances through the week.

The utilities assistance needs are continuing to increase each month. Much of the time we will be forced to turn as many away as we are able to assist due to the lack of funds. Our prayers are that the Lord is growing the thrift store to the point that it can afford to subsidize the utilities assistance side of CSM. (The more people helped the more that are shared the Gospel)

We continually ask for your support, your participation, but most of all we cherish your prayers.

John Long,

Christian Social Ministries