Pulpit Supply List

Pulpit Supply List – Ogeechee River Baptist Association

The following is a list of men who have made themselves available for pulpit supply in our association.  Some have many years of experience, and some are just beginning to preach.  Their names appear in alphabetical order.  We are providing this list without recommending them to you.  As you contact men on this list to preach for your church please ask them any and all questions you deem necessary to determine their suitability to fill the pulpit for you.

(This list is in alphabetical order NOT order of recommendation!)

NAME                                      CONTACT INFO                           [FOR ??]

Adams, J.L.                     912-739-1389/478-278-5944              [Supply/Revivals]

Adkins, Nick                    912-678-2951/912-823-3316              [Supply/Interim]

Barber, Billy                             912-764-3998                                    [Supply]

Black, Robert                            912-842-9309                                    [Supply]

Bryan, Chris (BCM director)        678-549-2245                                   [Supply]

Bulmer, Bryan                           912-541-2772            [Supply/Interim/Educational Supply]

Colburn, David                           912-536-7457                [Supply/Interim/Pastorate]               dcolburn@bibleseven.org

Conley, Bob                             912-842-5610                         [Supply]

Cowart, Travis                           912-429-0264                               [Supply/Interim]                          kngfsh81@aol.com

Crowder, Maurice                   478-982-1628                              [Supply]

Dupree, Jimmy             912-538-1957/912-526-3586                          [Supply/Pastorate]                jdupree@sothereasterntech.edu

Green, Bob                                    912-682-8452                      [Supply/Interim]

Hodges, Travis                      912-585-7493                                   [Supply]                     travishodges2013@gmail.com

Long, Jim (layperson)                 912-536-5693                      [available for pulpit supply]                   jlong@schwankgroup.com

Long, John                              912-512-0107                               [Supply/Interim/Pastorate]        cowboyup.jl53@gmail.com

Oglesby, Ed                           912-618-8004                           [Supply]

Ogletree, Rick                    912-690-2510                       [Supply/Interim]

Piet, Harold                    912-515-9059                 [Supply/Interim]              piet.harold@hotmail.com

Potts, Eddie                           912-852-5116                               [Supply]

Powell, Wayne                  912-425-9804                   [Supply/Interim/Pastorate]         pwllwyn@yahoo.com                         (lives in Newington)

Reaves, Austin (BCM Intern)     678-633-1290                          [Supply]

Reaves, Paul                                  912-531-6964                              [Supply]

Sack, Lawton                                912-587-5302                              [Supply]

Saint Amour, Manrey                   770-827-8805                             [Supply]

Shuman, Melvin                             912-547-3532                                [Supply/Interim]                                                   Ordained/Retired/Old Fellowship (Bulloch/Bryan Counties)

Smith, Harold                           912-839-3448                               [Supply]

Sykora, Randy                  912-481-6946/912-364-0066              [Supply/Interim/Pastorate]

Tucker, Andrew                       912-687-1125                                  [Supply]               Andrew_tucker@ymail.com

Turner, J.D.                               912-489-4608                            [Supply]

Twigg, Byron                            912-687-5219                        [Supply/Interim/Pastorate]

Workman, Tony                           478-972-2840            [Supply/Interim]              www.revivingyourday.com                         (lives in Warner Robbins)

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