Greetings From Our Missionary

Associations are about churches doing life and ministry together for the sake of the Kingdom.  Joining together enables churches to do ministry they could not do on their own.  It also allows churches to strengthen other churches in the process.

I set before you three priorities in objectives to begin our time together.  First, we will focus on retreat ministry (see last month’s Visionary).  We will work toward utilizing the Mann Center to its fullest potential.

Second, we will focus on rescue.  The greatest single need in our communities is lostness.  The majority of folks around us are living in spiritual darkness, lost without Christ.  Jesus established His church to be a spiritual force, mobilized to attack darkness.  We want to be an association of churches that is boldly doing what is necessary to “set the captives free.”

We will challenge each church to establish a clear and workable strategy for how that church will work to win the lost.  The battle involves effective intercessory prayer.  We will teach our folks to pray for the lost and encourage churches to set aside specific times just to pray for lost individuals and communities.

Since it is the Holy Spirit who empowers us to witness (Acts 1:8), we will encourage our pastors to do some preaching/teaching on being filled with the Spirit and how to walk the filling out.

We will also encourage training in sharing our faith and the gospel, hopefully offering several methods in doing so.  Our mandate to disciple begins with evangelism.  We attack the darkness to see Father God rescue the lost from the “domain of darkness and transfer them into the Kingdom of His Son.” (Col. 1:13)

I read a quote that said, “Time is ticking, and we’re on a sinking ship.  We better figure out how to get folks into lifeboats.”  This is our challenge—to rescue as many as we can while we can.


~ Bro. Mike Howard